We now offer catering pricing for events. Call us at 469.403.1064 to check availability and to order. Minimum $150 for catering pricing. Delivery subject to availability.
Dallas Location: Delivery from Lower Greenville, Dallas TX

NEW! Plano Location: Delivery from Central Plano TX

For more info and ordering: Jenny@threeeggmuffins.com or call 469.403.1064.

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Three Egg Muffins by the Dozens

Egg Muffins – $41.99/dz ($3.50 ea)

Assorted Savory Muffins – 1 dozen of our choice Savory Egg Muffins.

Sweet Muffins – $42.99/dz ($3.58 ea)

Assorted Sweet Cream Cheese Muffins – 1 dozen of our choice Sweet Muffins.

Strawberry Croissant

  • Jumbo sized – $5.50 ea (minimum 20)
  • Mini sized – $3.50 ea (minimum 20)

Strawberry Cream Croissant

Jumbo or mini croissant filled with whipped fresh cream and fresh strawberries. Deliciously addictive.


Overnight Rolled Oats

  • Oatmeal (rolled oats) soaked overnight. Served with milk, maple syrup, chopped bananas, berries (seasonal), walnuts and topped with Greek yogurt.

Individual Muffins:

Savory Breakfast Egg Muffins


Sweet Dessert Muffins


Lunch Specials

  • Ham or Turkey Lunch Croissant Sandwich
    • Sliced deli ham or turkey, American cheese, fresh lettuce, sliced tomato, pickles, fried onions – served on fresh croissant with homemade spread
  • Bulgogi Cheese-steak Sandwich
    • Korean Bulgogi Beef (ribeye steak) served in a hoagie bun with melted cheese